Lightning Ridge Black Opal Doulet set in 18 carat Gold with Diamonds to represent a Butterfly

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My  Name is Peter and I am the Opal Lover, I have been mining in South Australia at the town of Andamooka from 1969 to 1975, unfortunately I had quit due to health reasons. Am dealing now in all Australian Opals and do have Opals from

Coober Pedy, Mintubie, Boulder Opal.

Apart from Selling ropugh Opals I do have some fantastic Opal jewelry all at very reasonable prices.

Thi beautyful Opal Mosaic representing the Gun from James Bond

Generate excitement

I have a variety of Opal for every person from the Hobbyist to the Dealr and Jeweler.

Rough opal parcels from the South Australian Opal fields, as well some Lightning Ridge and of course some Boulder rubs. If Opal Jewelry you  looking for I can accommodate you as well.

Nice Butterfly Mosaic

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You will find my Opal Prices are very reasonable as I get the supply direct from the Miners. of course some of the items are subject to negotiate  a satisfactory price,

So don't hesitate in making a reasonable offer, that also applies to my Jewellery.


The Opal Lover

PO Box 1359 Mudgeeraba, Qld 4213

Ph 0417 555 923